Get rid of belly fat

For those of us who struggle with belly fat, here are four simple rules to live by every day to get rid of that unaesthetic and unhealthy extra skin.

  1. More Proteins

Proteins are highly important to your body, as they help you consume less calories by decreasing the appetite by 60%. Therefore, if you want to lose some weight, increase the intake of proteins and if you don’t like or don’t eat meat, take your proteins from lentils, almonds, soy beans, nuts, pistachios, chickpeas, hazelnuts and so on.

  1. No Sugar

Sugar has been proven to have a negative effect on the metabolism. The fructose present in sugar is dealt with by your liver, but only a limited amount. The excess fructose will be turned into fat and over time your waist line will get bigger. Liquid sugar is dangerous as well, so try to avoid sweet drinks like soda, fruit juice, sweetened coffee or tea.

  1. Food Rich in Fiber

We recommend that you start your day by eating oatmeal, which becomes gelatinous in the intestine and gives you a fullness sensation for a few hours. You should also consume lots of vegetables and fruits which are tasty and don’t accumulate fat on your body.

  1. Restrict Carbohydrates

When you have a diet low in carbohydrates, you will also have a decreased appetite, which leads to losing weight easier. Try cutting the carbs from you diet and you will absolutely enjoy the weight loss and your organs will also be fat free.

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