He Refused To Go On Chemotherapy And Lived 102 Years


True story which proves that sick patients should never lose hope and need to keep on fighting.

Stamatis Moraitis who lived in the USA comes from Ikaria, Greece. This man was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer back in 1976. He reconciled with the fact that he is going to die very soon. Back then, he asked for different opinions from different doctors, but they all told him he had 6 months to live and needed to start aggressive chemotherapy right away.

This man did not want to treat his disease with chemotherapy, so he refused the therapy and came back to his birth place in Greece. Then something remarkable happened.

In the beginning this man was very disappointed and depressive. He lied down for days. His wife and mother took care of him. Fortunately, in time, his desire for living was back. Since he had little time left, he decided to spend it with friends.

Over the next few weeks he felt like his strength was slowly returning. So, one day he even decided to plant his garden even though he was not expecting to experience the birth of the fruits he planted. However, it was a good reason to enjoy the sun, the sea and the fresh air.

Six months passed by and Stamatis did not die. Instead of being dead, he was working in his garden, waking up early and spending the whole day out in the sun and fresh air. He fed himself with the plants he planted in his garden.

As the years were passing by, Stamatis was feeling better and stronger. After 30 years of this new life, he realized he did not die. With 97 years of age, Stamatis decided to take a medical and learn what actually happened to him, so he took his last results with him.

He soon found out that each and every one of the doctor who predicted him 6 months to live was dead. This man never experienced the predicted chemotherapy. Instead, he went back to his birth place – Ikaria.

This old man died at the age of 102 and in his death certificate was stated that he died of old age, cancer was never mentioned.

The message of this man’s life story is that people must know that the ill person does not need as much medicine; instead he needs faith, will and love of nature. For good health, regeneration of the body and spirit is the one thing that is the most necessary.

An interesting fact is that the rest of the world knows Stamatis’s birth place for its healthy food but also as an island on which “people forget to die”.
Ikaria’s inhabitants hardly know what is heart disease or cancer.

Arugula, lentil, olive oil, Swiss chard, carbohydrates, whole grains bread, oregano, parsley and similar herbs like these are present on a daily basis on the table of these people. Also, in Ikaria, red meat is not consumed more than once a week.

The Secret To A Long Life:

  1. Mediterranean diet
  • Intake large amounts of raw and home-grown vegetables.
  • Meat should be limited to one meal weekly.
  • Olive oil, seeds and grains should always be present in your diet.
  • Do not forget about fish.
  • Consume home-grown fruits and homemade whole grain bread as well.
  1. Drink lots of tea

If tea is prepared naturally, it stimulates organism’s detoxification.

  1. Rest

Rest is a very important part of the secret to long life. If you feel tired, rest immediately. Do not force your body to life with lack of sleep.

  1. Be active in nature

Take a long walks, enjoy sea waves and absorb sunlight. Work, create, rest. Feel useful!

  1. Do not rush your life and release yourselves from fears and stress

Keep close your family and friends. If possible, move to a place with clean fresh air and without smog.

Source:  http://www.healthyfoodstar.com/