How to Make Pineapple Weed Tea and Why

1If you haven’t seen pineapple weed yet, it looks like a chamomile flower, but there are no petals. It is easily recognizable when you spot it because it smells like pineapples. Although it is identified as weed, don’t think of it as a nuisance. Pineapple weed has a lot of medicinal uses, especially when made into tea.

If you’re used to drinking healthy chamomile tea, you will love substituting it with pineapple weed from time to time. But if you haven’t tried the herb for tea, here are the ingredients, along with the steps on how to prepare pineapple weed tea:

  • One tablespoon of pineapple weed (dried)
  • Five mint leaves
  • One tablespoon of any kind of loose leaf tea that you prefer (an example is oolong tea)
  • Honey

You can also use fresh pineapple weed. If you prefer fresh ones over dried weed, you can substitute it with a few sprigs of the plant. Additionally, you can also use a few tablespoons of milk if you want to add more taste to the tea.

With the ingredients ready, the process of making pineapple weed tea is very simple – just like other types of tea. The steps are as follows:

  1. In a French press, add the tea, pineapple weed, and the mint leaves.
  2. Pour water.
  3. Let it sit for four minutes maximum.
  4. Press and serve.
  5. You can add honey and milk to improve the taste.

When harvesting pineapple weed, take the flower heads, which are what you will use for the tea. Make sure that it does not contain pesticide or if it’s in your yard, your dog didn’t pee on the plants. The tea is actually delicious and tastes almost like chamomile tea, but a bit sweeter. Plus, the tea has a number of benefits, including:

  • Treating colds
  • Preventing and reducing symptoms of intestinal problems
  • Treating stomach pains
  • Decreasing menstrual cramps
  • Helping sleep better
  • Relieving stress
  • Treating nervous tension as well as irritability

There are a few countries that use pineapple weed tea as treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. The weed belongs to the same family as chamomile and has similar sedative effects. Pineapple weed is also used to stop nausea and motion sickness. It is also said that pineapple weed can cure colic in children and can stop vomiting in pregnant women, although expecting and nursing mothers are not recommended to drink a lot of the tea.