Natural Cure Against Dengue Fever: Learn How To Prepare Papaya Leaf Juice

Let us guess: You read the word ‘dengue’, and started to feel shivers down your spine. Well, that’s how most people react to this serious condition, and the reason is pretty clear: Some mosquitoes can endanger our health with a perilous virus alignment, and unless we react to it immediately, it can be fatal.

But let’s calm the ball down for a while: old people will tell you nature has a cure for every condition, and that will be more than true. Even dengue fever can be treated domestically, and all it would take are few papaya leaves!

Here is the recipe for this delicious and healthy juice:

  • Get 2 raw papaya leaves
  • Remove the stem and the fibrous parts
  • Cut the leaves slightly, and squeeze the liquid out of them
  • Consume the juice directly.

For the best results, repeat the process for 1 week, ideally consuming the juice twice per day.

How does it work?

‘Why Papaya’ is a very good question. Let us explain: First of all, because it is effective! Its leaves are full of helpful enzymes, including chymopapin and papain, and have a considerable amount of vitamins, proteins, phosphorus, carbohydrates, and iron.

Bonus ideas:

Instead of the juice, you can also prepare papaya leaf pasta. It will be even tastier, and it will have the same effects. Here is how:

  • Purchase three raw papaya leaves
  • Take two tablespoons of your favorite juice (it can be any taste you like, as long as it is natural and fresh)
  • Mix the juice with the papaya leaves until they blend with each other completely. Consume the mixture while it is still fresh.

The same procedure should be repeated twice per day, seven days in a row. Dengue fever will definitely disappear, and you will feel significantly healthier.