Natural Remedy Leeches And Hirudotherapy

Leeches used in medicinal purposes heal, make you younger and cleanse the body from toxins. This old method of healing known as hirudotherapy, was used in ancient Egypt, and Hippocrates and Galen wrote about their healing powers, and it is well known Russian Queens used them for beauty. It is important to know that the leech in Russia is acknowledged as medicine by the Ministry of Health.

By know about 400 types of leeches have been found but only the medicinal leech is used. Even though many are disgusted by the thought of those creatures sucking blood from your body, it is a fact that the leech is an ideal therapy for blood circulation, and it’s also used for
curing diseases like: trombosis, vein inflammation, heart attack, muscle pain, and muscle injury. It also helps establish blood flow after bypass, useful in curing sterility, lessens celulite and pores.

The bite from a leech doesn’t hurt more than an mosquito bite because when it does bite it releases an analgesic which helps pain. One leech can consume 5 to 15 ml blood during one feeding. Therapists usually use up to 10 leeches which means during treatment you can lose about 150 ml of blood. Anyway the advantage of leeches is not reflected only in the blood which it extracts, but in the fact that they release anticoagulants and in that way they dilute blood as well as mater which has anesthetic effect. Many researchers confirm that with one bite leeches release a large number of biologically active matter like alfahimotropsin, hirudin, suptilizin, himazin.. and that hirudotherapy acts as an analgesic, anticoagulant, imunostimulant, dissolves fat, stops development of bacteria…

Curing with leeches can give positive results for male and female sterility, makes you younger and it’s not a secret hollywood stars use them for beaty reasons.

In the end we would like to note that it is not recommended for people who suffer from hemofilia or other blood related diseases, and the leech, once used, is discarded for sanitary reasons