Successful In 95%, This Is The Natural Way Of Saying Goodbye To Back Pain

Lumbago, hexenschuss, witch stab or the most familiar term low back pain, nowadays is one of the main health issues.


Our spine has 33 vertebrae ( 12 thoracic, 7 cervical, 5 sacrum, 5 lumbar and 4 coccyx ), all of them are connected to most of the muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and all are holding the body together.

An upright posture is possible by the nerve roots of the arms and legs, as well as the spinal cord that passes through the canal within the spine.

The spine has many functions and due to that is exposed to mechanical action of the load ( train, bending, pressure, shear, twisting ) all the time, which can cause overuse.

The spine has different parts that produce different range of motion.

Because of this, the neck has extremely high mobility and the breast part low mobility.

With the transition between one part to another part of the spine, degenerative changes can be caused, which are usually the source of pain.

Successful In 95%, This Is The Natural Way Of Saying Goodbye To Back Pain


People with hard physical jobs, sitting jobs, with osteoporosis, older men with degenerative process and people with congenital anomalies of the spine after operations or injuries on the spine are those that suffer the most from low back pain.


By using the herb named comfrey, which is found on wet fields, meadows and ditches near the water, people suffering from back pain will have a lot easier lives, shown by many researches made.

Another research made by the German Sports University tested 120 people with lower and upper back pain by giving them an ointment of comfrey root extract. The British Journal of Sports Medina released the results and they showed that people solved their back pain with success within 5 days, by using the ointment. They said that the extract from the rot of this plant is extremely powerful and clinically is proven to decrease back pain with success.

This herb has been used since the ancient times. It is consisted of hairy leaves and large beet- like root. Also, it has been proven that by using this herb in gel form it helps to ease the pain in dislocation of joints in the knee and osteoarthritis. However, it is very important to know that it should not be taken as supplements and capsules as it can cause liver damage.