They Told Her That Predicting The Gender Of The Unborn Baby Is Not Possible. But This Is How She Did It

Are you expecting a child? If you are then there is high chance that you might want to know the gender. In many countries it is not legal to learn about the gender of the baby during the pregnancy for reasons.

But the to be parents are always inquisitive and will try to understand the gender through different ways. For example, there is a midwives tale that if you swing a ring hanging from a chain over the pregnant lady’s belly then you can detect the gender. If the ring goes round then it is a girl and if it swings from one side to another then it is a boy.they-told-her-that-predicting-the-gender-of-the-unborn-baby-is-not-possible-but-this-is-how-she-did-it

The ultrasound is the best way to learn about the gender of a baby but if you are not a doctor then there is a high chance you will not understand. So the next best way to know about the gender is by using baking soda, yes normal baking soda. Just put a little bit of a baking soda in a disposable cup and put a tiny bit of your urine in it.

If the baking soda starts to fizz like a soda then it is likely that it is body. If it stays normal and makes no difference to the urine, then most likely it is a girl. This has been tested 31 times of which 22 times the result was absolutely correct and 9 times it gave incorrect results. So it can be considered quite correct.