Tylenol can Kill You; New Warning Admits Popular Painkiller Causes Liver Damage, Death

Tylenol is usually the first thing we buy in the drug stores when it comes to pain. However several researches found out that it can actually kill you.


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already warns that acetaminophen is toxic to the liver, and is linked to liver failure and other serious problems.  Healthy adults who took the maximum dose of Tylenol for two weeks were found to have liver damage, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

Tylenol can be toxic to your liver, even at recommended doses. Taking too much acetaminophen can lead to liver failure, liver transplant and death. Acetaminophen is currently the leading cause of sudden liver failure in the U.S., as its toxic metabolites have been shown to kill liver cells. The drug is so toxic that as many as 80,000 people are rushed to the emergency room annually due to acetaminophen poisoning, and another 500-or-so end up dead from liver failure.

The new label, which will bear the phrases “CONTAINS ACETAMINOPHEN” and “ALWAYS READ THE LABEL,” is set to first appear on all bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol, which contains more than 50 percent more acetaminophen per dose than regular strength Tylenol. And in the coming months, all bottles of Tylenol, including regular strength Tylenol, will bear the new label.

Now an FDA advisory panel is finally recommending that cough and cold drugs that contain the pain reliever acetaminophen be banned altogether because of these serious risks of liver damage. The panel also recommended taking the popular prescription painkillers Vicodin and Percocet (which both contain acetaminophen) off the market because of similar risks of liver damage.