Unexpected Body Parts That Give Immense Pleasure. #7 Is Surprising!

#1 Her Nose

Most of your facial nerves end at the nose, so licking and kissing it will get her immediately turned on…

#2 Neck


The neck is a very sensitive place due to the skin being extremely thin in the area. Kiss her there!

#3 Earlobe


The earlobe is the spot for tons of men and women, so try it on her and see if you hear the moans.

#4 Toe Sucking


If her toes look good enough to eat, try sucking and licking on them. She’ll never expect it but absolutely go crazy!

#5 Belly Button


She may have never had her belly button licked, sucked and played with – this could change her life forever..


#6 The Thigh


Her inner thighs are rarely touched, but she’ll go wild due to their proximity with her genitals.

#7 The Nips


It’s pretty obvious that nipple play can drive a woman crazy…if it’s done right. Oxytocin is released in her brain when they’re played with, creating a much stronger orgasm.