You have a problem with blisters? Put this on your feet and see the amazing effect!

Blisters can be very painful and unpleasant. It occurs when skin is exposed to friction or excessive pressure.
It makes the skin a tough, thick with yellowish color.

Blisters commonly occur on the feet due to uncomfortable shoes.
Blisters represent damage to the surface of the skin that commonly occurs due to friction. The skin becomes thickened and become less sensitive from the surrounding skin.
Athletes, chefs and musicians are generally at greater risk for the occurrence of blisters. This is the most effective home remedies that you can get rid of them.

Here’s what to do:

Take organic lemon peel and put it on the wound, then fix with gauze and bandage and leave it overnight.
The next morning remove the bandage. Blister will disappear in a few days.
Try the following simple but very effective method: dip a piece of bread in the vinegar and apply it as a coating on the blister.
Cover with gauze and fix bandages. Leave overnight and remove it in the morning.
-Other that you can apply castor oil before bed. Excellent regenerates the epithelia, so in the morning you will be surprised with the results.